Facebook Video Publishing

Sprout Social offers video publishing to Facebook Pages to enhance your existing Facebook publishing strategy. Now, you can share televised events, important news stories or even campaign videos.  

No matter where you are in the application you can select the Compose box to draft, schedule, queue or publish videos alongside existing publishing capabilities such as tagging, message approval and Facebook targeting.

Note: Video publishing is only supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE11+.

Upload Videos

When you choose to upload a video to one or several Facebook page profiles select the camera icon in the lower left corner of the Compose box.  Choose your video file (.MP4, .MOV or .AVI) that you’d like to upload, and give the video a Title and select a Category.

Videos are limited to 45 minutes in length or a file size of 1.75 GB.

Video Previews

Video previews are only available for MP4 uploads, allowing you to watch the video before publishing, and Sprout will auto-generate the thumbnail image based on still frames from the video.  MOV and AVI profiles will not offer a preview before publishing nor will Sprout auto-generate the thumbnail. However, you can upload your own image using the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the preview window.

To preview your video before publication you must be in the Compose box.  If you have already added the message to your Calendar, you can preview it by clicking on the message’s edit icon.  

Sent Messages

Facebook video posts will show up in the Sent Messages report, and you can track all the same message-level metrics that are available for other Facebook posts. Sprout sends the video to Facebook at the scheduled time (or immediately if you choose Send), though due to processing time on Facebook’s end there may be a slight delay as to when it actually publishes.

Additionally, there may be up to a 15 minute delay between when a video is published to Facebook and when it is visible in the Sent Messages report.

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