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Suggested Replies


For teams focused on excellent customer service and fast response times, Sprout Social will automatically give suggestions when replying to a Twitter user.

Sprout uses machine learning to recommend an appropriate response to commonly asked questions by looking at the previous 90 days or most recent 2,000 messages you've sent from your individual Twitter accounts.

Suggested Replies will show up automatically when responding to a Tweet in Sprout Social. To use a Suggested Reply, click one of the suggestions underneath the compose box. It will populate the compose window with that text, which can then be edited to ensure each response is personalized.


Replies are not saved, but each reply you send from Sprout Social will help the machine learning algorithm correctly suggest relevant replies to similar questions in the future.

Note: When initially connecting a Twitter account, Sprout Social will look through your previous responses to backfill reply data. After an account is connected, however, ensure you and your team reply to Tweets from Sprout Social to ensure your suggestions remain up-to-date and relevant.

This feature can be turned off but not through Sprout. If for any reason you would like to disable this feature, please submit a request with your account manager.

Available on Enterprise plans only.

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