Image Editor

Centralize all of your publishing efforts in Sprout by utilizing Sprout’s Image Editor powered by the Adobe Creative SDK.  Upon initial image selection, you can edit and enhance your photo before publishing to your selected network.  Additionally, use the intelligent cropping tools to ensure optimal sizing based on network preference.

Note: Image Editor is available on all plan levels.

Editing an Image

Compose your message as normal, and after adding a photo, click Edit on the image preview.  

Apply various edits including filters, effects, frames, text overly and stickers.  Adjust color, brightness, shadows and more.  Select the crop tool, equipped with preset options based on network selection, to resize your social images. Suggested social network dimensions are only available for images the same size or larger than the selected network’s preferred image dimensions.  

Your edits will now appear in the image preview.

Note: Images apply to attached photos, but not thumbnails for link previews. Additionally, edited images cannot be saved. 

Resending Edited Images

You can resend edited images using the Sent Messages Report. Find the post you want to publish again in the report and click it. After the message dropdown expands, click Send Again. All edits made to the original image will be intact, and additional edits can be added before publishing.

Twitter images appear as a Twitter link before being re-published. No additional edits can be made to republished Twitter images.

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