Twitter Keyword Report

The Twitter Keyword Report uncovers trends in Twitter traffic for any keyword, hashtag or complex search query across a date range you specify. It is available on the Professional and Advanced plans.

Use this report to:

  • Keep tabs on your market by tracking your brand against competition

  • Track the effectiveness of your past and current hashtag or marketing campaigns

  • Discover patterns in keyword usage and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly

  • Track your brand's products against each other or against competitors' products

Keyword Management

Create keywords for your brand, your products, campaigns, and competitors. Use search operator best practices to ensure you're only receiving results relevant to your business.
To add new keywords to the report:
  1. Click ➕  on the top-right of the screen. The Add Keyword popup appears.
  2. Enter a new keyword.
  3. Click Save Keyword. The new keyword appears in a list on the right of the report.
You can also use Edit.png to edit or Delete.png to delete existing keywords.

Note: You can add up to 10 keywords on Professional plans per account or up to 20 keywords on Advanced plans per account.

Read more about brand keywords and search operators

After a keyword is added, volume data backfills as far back as one year for Professional plans or December 2010 for Advanced plans. 


After you save your keywords, use the flexible keyword picker to select related keywords and run a report.

Keyword Volume


This section shows the number of Tweets containing each keyword (by day or month) within the reporting period.

Get a quick understanding of keyword volume over time, uncover peak days of usage and find growth trends.

Use the interactive legend to dynamically select the keyword trends you want to see.

Share of Volume 


This section shows share-of-market statistics between the selected keywords to help you understand how a collection of keywords performed relative to each other.

% Volume: Percentage of total volume owned by the keyword compared to the other keywords. This is calculated by dividing the total volume of each individual keyword by the total volume of all keywords.

Trend: Indicates if the keyword's share increased or decreased during the report period. This is determined by calculating change between percentage owned in the first half and the second half of the report period.

Stats by Keyword 


This section displays key statistics for each keyword for at-a-glance comparison.

Click to expand each keyword to find more details and message samples.

Total Volume: Total number of Tweets matching the keyword criteria within the report period.

Average per day: Average number of Tweets matching the keyword criteria on each day. Total volume is divided by number of days in the report period.

Growth Trend: Indicates if the keyword usage increased or decreased during the report period. Determined by calculating change between volume of Tweets in the first half and the second half of the report period.

Sample Messages: Sample messages containing the keyword on the peak day of use, sorted by follower count (highest to lowest).

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