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Update to LinkedIn Company Page Publishing


As of October 5, 2015, when you publish a LinkedIn Company Page status update from Sprout with an image attached, the image will post to LinkedIn in the same way it would if you published the update natively.

Previously, due to an API limitation, images posted to LinkedIn from any third-party app would publish as a hosted link and not a native media upload. We understand this was a big pain point for many of our customers who publish to LinkedIn frequently.

Thankfully, access to the rich-media API endpoint was recently provided to LinkedIn Certified Company Page Partners, which we quickly implemented into Sprout to provide a better LinkedIn publishing experience for all our customers.

Whether you’re sharing a link, photo or text-based status update on your LinkedIn Company Page, Sprout’s intuitive Compose window provides a powerful LinkedIn publishing experience.



Q: What does “publish as a hosted link and not a native media upload” mean?

A: Previously, due to an API limitation, images published to LinkedIn from any third party app would publish as a link post where the link directed to a URL with the image. For example:

Q: Will this work for publishing to LinkedIn personal profiles as well?

A: No, the rich media API endpoint is not yet available for personal LinkedIn profiles.


Q: Can I upload other rich media file types other than images—like a PDF?

A: No, at this time only image files can be uploaded.

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