About the Sprout Social Referral Program

Sprout's referral program makes it simple to share your love for Sprout with others and get rewarded for it. For each person you refer that successfully subscribes, Sprout will provide your account with a $50 credit.

Finding and using your referral link

To refer someone, Sprout provides a unique bit.ly link for Account Owners, accessible by navigating Account and settings > Settings > Referral Program.


The Referral Program page contains your unique bit.ly link. Copy this link and share it with others.


When someone clicks this unique link, it will take them to the Sprout Social homepage and place a cookie in their browser for 60 days. If they start a trial within those 60 days, you will be labeled as the referrer. Because this link is unique to your account, it is important that you do not modify this link. You will not be given credit if this link is modified in any way.

Note: If the person who clicks this link does not have cookies enabled in their browser, Sprout will not be able to attribute the referral to you.

Receiving your credit

The referral credit of $50 will be applied to your account's next billing cycle 30 days after your referral successfully subscribes to Sprout. You will be eligible to receive the credit as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Your Sprout subscription is currently active.
  • Your referral's payment did not fail, and/or they did not cancel and receive a refund for their subscription.

You can receive multiple credits per billing cycle if you refer multiple people who end up subscribing. If the total credits applied is more than what you would normally be charged, the difference will be applied to the following month's billing cycle.

Example: Joan has a Sprout Social account and her billing cycle begins on the first of each month. She uses her unique referral link and sends it to five people. Three of them subscribe after their 30 day trial ends, one of them on the 5th of the month, one on the 6th, and one on the 13th. 30 days after each person subscribes, she receives a $50 credit. Because all credits in this case would be applied in the middle of her billing cycle, Joan has earned a $150 credit that will be applied on the first of the following month (the day her billing renews). Joan is a Standard Sprout Social subscriber with one user on her account, so she is normally charged $99/month. However, this next billing cycle will have a $150 credit applied. Joan will not be charged anything. On top of that, she will have the difference of $51 applied to the following billing cycle. That is, of course, if Joan doesn't refer any more people who subscribe. 

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