Facebook Post Performance Report vs. Facebook Insights Post Level Report

All data and information provided in Sprout's Facebook Post Performance Report comes directly from Facebook Insights. This article outlines the fields in Sprout's Facebook Post Performance Report (CSV version) that map to the Facebook Insights post level report.

Sprout Social: Post Performance Report Facebook Insights: Post Level Report
Clicks (Column G) Lifetime Post Consumers (Column O)
Total Reach (Column H) Lifetime Post Total Reach (Column H)
Reactions (Column K) Like (Column J of 2nd tab*)
Comments (Column R) Comment (Column I of 2nd tab*)
Shares (Column S) Share (Column K of 2nd tab*)
Negative Feedback (Column V) Lifetime Negative Feedback (Column Q)

 *2nd tab refers to "Lifetime Talking About This..." tab at the bottom of the .XLS report.

Calculations not found in the Facebook report

Engaged (Column K): Add up "Talking & Clicks" columns

Talking (Column L): The unique number of likes, comments, and shares. (Example for unique definition: If a single user both likes and comments on a post, it would only show 1 user "talking" about that post.)

Engagement % (Column N): Divide Engaged (Column T) over Reach (Column H)

Calculating Engagement

To calculate Average Engagement % in Excel, do an average calculation the Engagement % (FB) column of the Sprout Social Facebook Post Performance Report.

To calculate Total Engagement % using Excel, add up Columns T and H of the Sprout Social Facebook Post Performance Report. Then divide Column T by Column H.

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