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About Twitter's Retweet with Comment


In April 2015, Twitter revamped their Quote Tweet behavior. Instead of adding new text to the existing Tweet, you can Retweet a post and add a comment to it, utilizing a much larger 116 character limit (as though you were posting a tweet with a shortened link). We have updated Sprout Social to bring feature parity with Twitter.

What follows are answers to common questions you might have about this new feature and its integration with Sprout:

Q: Why am I not seeing Twitter "Retweet with Comments" in my Inbox?

A: Twitter's API does not currently have a unique message type identifier for these types of Tweets. While you do receive a notification natively on when someone comments on your Tweet, it is not counted as a Retweet or mention. We will continue to watch for any changes on Twitter's side. As soon as the API allows us to accurately identify "Retweet with Comment" as a unique message type, we will look into implementing it.

Q: How is Sprout measuring Twitter's new "Retweet with Comment" messages? Are these included in my Retweet number?

A: No. Twitter's API does not currently include a method for tracking these items as Retweets or mentions. As a result, Sprout does not currently have a way to accurately measure them.

Q: Why did Sprout remove the ability to Quote Message? 

A: Quote Message is a deprecated feature on Therefore, Sprout decided to remove this feature to maintain consistency with how Twitter guides people to communicate on their platform. 

Q: Why can't we have both options Quote Message and Retweet with Comment?

A: Sprout's goal is to maintain consistency with how Twitter guides people to communicate on their platform. If you prefer the Quote Message style, you can perform the following actions to manually Retweet:

1. Click Reply on the message you want to Retweet.

2. Highlight the content you intend to Retweet in the message history.

3: Add RT tags in front of the user's @[name]: and paste the message after.


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