Sprout Social's Discovery section allows you to proactively find new contacts and help you expand your social reach, or just clean up your follower list if you want to focus on following those that are valuable representations of your brand.


Note: As of November 14, 2017, Listening has replaced Discovery. Professional and Advanced accounts that have enabled the Listening feature will no longer have Discovery available as a tab at the top of the platform. While Discovery features will be available in other areas of the platform in the future, you can still access the Discovery section at


Gives suggestions on who to follow based on the following parameters:

Your followers - People who currently follow you.

Conversed with - People you've @mentioned or @replied before.

Have mentioned you - People who have @mentioned you previously.



Gives suggestions on who to unfollow based on the following parameters:

Silent Accounts - Users who have little to no activity in the last 60 days.

Irregular Usage - Users who have abnormal usage or friend counts.

Do Not Follow Back - Users who do not currently follow you back.


Smart Search

Smart Search allows you to search for Twitter conversations or users based on specific keywords. Use Smart Search to expand your monitoring efforts and be more proactive reaching out to people discussing certain topics, industries, or even competitors.

To begin, enter keyword(s) into search field.

Tip: Utilize Advanced Keyword Searches to find even more relevant conversations specific to your needs. The following list will help you narrow your focus:

Modifying a Smart Search keyword

Choose between Keyword and People searches in the Search Type dropdown menu.

Target a specific radius from which to pull in conversations or users.

Click Save Search to easily bring up that specific search at a later time. 

New Search clears the current search and allows you to begin a new Smart Search.

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