LinkedIn Company Page Reauthorization Notifications

LinkedIn requires Company Pages be reauthorized every 60 days. With that in mind, we've developed an early warning system to ensure you and your team never miss a beat when creating and managing content for your LinkedIn Company Pages.

Early Reauthorization Notification

12 days before the LinkedIn Company Page is set to expire: a notification will appear in the upper-left corner of the application for the user who originally connected the LinkedIn page.

Clicking Reauthorize will lead you to LinkedIn to reauthorize the page.

5 days before expiration: a notification will appear for all users. The Account Owner or managers with access to add social profiles will be able to reauthorize the page.

Basic users will see a notification informing them of who last connected the LinkedIn Company Page.

If a LinkedIn profile becomes disconnected: all users will receive a notification informing them that the page has been disconnected. The Account Owner or Managers with access to add social profiles will be able to reconnect the page.

Basic users will see a notification informing them who last connected the LinkedIn Company Page.

Note: if a LinkedIn Company Page becomes disconnected, any queued and scheduled messages will fail to publish until the page is reconnected.

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