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The Twitter Trends Report shows the hashtags and topics that are trending across the mentions and replies for your connected profile(s). It also shows the people and brands that are most frequently talking about and mentioned with your business.

Note: Retweets mentioning your handle are NOT calculated in this report, only @mentions and replies.

To see trends in for your Twitter profiles:

  1. Select your Twitter profile from the dropdown. 
  2. Choose the date range for the report. Month to date and monthly reports are available for Twitter Trends.

Note: Month to date reports are updated daily and are current to the previous day. Monthly reports are generated on the first day of each subsequent month.

Topics Frequently Mentioned: displays the topics and associated words mentioned with your Twitter handle. Scroll over a Topic to view the associated words and counts for each.

Hashtags Frequently Mentioned: shows the hashtags and associated words mentioned with your Twitter handle. Scroll over a Hashtag to view the associated words and counts for each.

Click a Topic or Hashtag to view all of the messages associated with the term.

Note: Trends Report is available on Professional and Advanced plans.



Topics Frequently Mentioned Choose from the different topics mentioned with your profile to view the correlation of those terms in the graph.



Hashtags Frequently Mentioned Choose from the different hashtags mentioned with your profile to view the correlation of those terms in the graph.



People and Brands Frequently Talking About You View all of the people or brands who have mentioned your profile on Twitter. 



People and Brands Frequently Mentioned with You View all of the people or brands that are frequently mentioned with your profile on Twitter.


You can use the Twitter Trends Report to manage conversations around your brand on Twitter. Some examples of how to take advantage of this report include:

  • Monitor the topics for any product issues and customize the chart to see how the topic has been mentioned throughout the month
  • View mentions with your brand and a hashtag that you created for a marketing campaign
  • See conversations around a new product that you released or an event you are hosting
  • Analyze topics and hashtags to gauge sentiment around your brand
  • Identify Brand Keywords to monitor in the Inbox based on trending topics or hashtags with your brand
  • View who you’re being mentioned with and identify new competitors to monitor in the Inbox
  • See the people talking about you the most on Twitter and potentially engage and build a relationship with them

Trends Report FAQ

Are retweets included in the mentions for my Trends Report?

The Trends Report shows the topics and hashtags being publicly mentioned with your brand via a Twitter @mention or reply. This doesn't include any Retweeted content that mentions your handle.

Can I view trends about brand keywords in the Trends Report?

The Trends report is focused on all of a brand’s @mentions and @replies. Retweets are filtered out from the report. Quoted retweets are included in both the people and brands mentioning and mentioned with sections. You can't view trends around brand keywords.

Why don't I see the chart in the Trends Report?

There are two primary scenarios when the chart won’t display. The first is when there isn’t enough data. Second, the chart won’t display on the first day in the month for the Month to Date report.

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