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Sprout Social is a flexible, scalable platform built to fit your organization and enable collaboration across your team. After you’ve added your social profiles and team members, start collaborating with Sprout’s CRM, Tasking, and other advanced features.

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Using Sprout’s CRM Features
Creating & Managing Tasks
Integrating your Helpdesk
Message Approval
Evaluating Your Team's Activity


Using Sprout’s CRM Features

Sprout has complete, shared customer records that enable your entire team to access a contact’s history, contact information, and notes. There’s no duplication of efforts and anyone can pick up a conversation where another team member left off— without missing a beat.

1. For Twitter messages, your team members can click on a contact’s avatar to see the full contact profile view, reference a complete conversation history, and keep their engagement with the contact relevant and personal.

2. View the full conversation history of this contact with your managed Twitter handles, and also see the contact’s Tweets, Mentions, Followers, who they are Following, and their Klout score.

3. Create a detailed customer record by adding custom notes or personal contact information to the contact’s profile, which are also visible across your team. Sprout also displays the social networks the contact is on under the On Networks section.

4. You can easily follow or unfollow a contact and see which of your profiles they follow in the Following From section.

5. Click Add to List to add a contact to any of the Twitter Lists that you’ve created. Twitter Lists can be created in either the native network or in Sprout, and you’ll still have access to them in the Sprout application.

Sprout Tip

Take notes—from the best time to reach a contact to conversation details from any offline interactions. Let the whole team know the best way to reach a social contact by adding company information and personal contact details.


Creating & Managing Tasks

Create Tasks

Create tasks to route messages to the appropriate team members to help ensure quick response times for your customers. Sprout’s tasking features provide complete visibility into and control over tasks at the organization, team, or individual level.

1. Once you identify a message in your inbox that needs to be followed up on, click the task pin icon on the lower right of the message to create a task.

2. Leave an internal comment in the task for your team member to reference.

3. Select a Task Type for the task, categorizing it as either General, Sales, or Support related. If Support Issue is selected, you can also choose to create a Helpdesk ticket simultaneously.

4. Choose to mark the task as high priority.

5. Assign the task to one of your team members. The green bar to the right of the team member name shows that they are online in the Sprout application. Email task notifications for your team members can be enabled under Settings » Business Settings.

6. See your new task notifications in the upper left hand corner of the application. Click the notification task pin icon or Tasks tab to view your tasks.

Note: Read more about our Helpdesk integrations for support-related tasks later in this document.

Manage Tasks

The Tasks tab offers complete visibility into task management across your entire team.

1. Select to view your tasks by Open or Completed. If you’re a Manager or Account Owner you can view All Tasks (Across Team).

2. Click to show or hide tasks by type: General, Leads, Issues.

3. Click on an individual task to view.

4. The red bar on the left side of the task means that it has been marked high priority. The blue dot signals that the message has not been read by the person it is assigned to.

Collision Detection

If one of your team members is already responding to a message or creating a task, we’ll give you a heads up in real-time so that you avoid duplicating responses. Example: Laura L. is typing a message right now. Collision Detection is available for task creation and while responding to Twitter and Facebook messages.



Integrating your Helpdesk

If a support-related issue is tweeted or posted to your Facebook wall, your social media team may need to send it to your customer support team for help. It’s critical to get your customers’ online inquiries in the right hands to ensure quick response times. Our tools help companies provide a better customer experience and drive value across departments.

Sprout’s Helpdesk integrations solve support resolution issues with a bidirectional communication model that enables teams to not only create, but also track and manage support issues all the way to resolution without leaving the Sprout dashboard. Sprout integrates with the Zendesk and UserVoice Helpdesk platforms.

Connect your Helpdesk under Settings » Helpdesk Integration.

Note: Helpdesk Integration is available on Professional and Advanced plans. Only Sprout Social Account Owners can configure the Helpdesk in Sprout. You must also be an Account Owner or Administrator for your Helpdesk solution to connect that account to Sprout.

1. When you select Support Issue as the Task Type, you’ll have the option to automatically create a support ticket by checking Create Helpdesk Ticket. All customer support ticket communications will be added as a comment in the task and in the helpdesk ticket, so it’s easy to coordinate between your customer support and social media teams to ensure everyone’s in the loop.

Message Approval

Sprout Social offers powerful publishing tools that include a robust message approval workflow. Accounts on our Professional and Advanced plans have access to advanced permissions, including the ability to set specific publishing permissions to individual users.

Read more about Message Approval


Tagging in Sprout Social enables teams in the Professional and Advanced plans to group and categorize messages to match their workflow, business objectives and marketing strategies.

Read more about Tagging

Evaluating Your Team's Activity

Professional and Advanced plan customers have access to a couple of reporting options for tracking their team's activity in Sprout Social. The Team Report and Task Performance report can be used to track response rates and times, as well as give a comprehensive overview of how your team handles task assignments. Use these reports to get a better understanding of how your team uses Sprout Social.

Read more about the Team Report

Read more about the Task Performance Report

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