Why do I see the same click data for a lot of my tweets?

Within the Twitter Sent Messages report, you may see identical click data for some of your tweets. This is because Bit.ly gives Sprout click data on the link, not on the Tweet. It is important to remember this if you are going to include the same link in many of your recurring scheduled tweets. When the same link is used in multiple messages, bit.ly will use the same shortened URL that it already created for that link. See example below.


The best way to get per-tweet click data is to set up tweets individually and tweak the link just a bit before shortening it each time. Here’s an example: You can add an arbitrary hash on the link, like so: http://mylink.com/?somethingrandom. If it ends in any extension, don’t include the slash: .html?somethingrandom or .php?somethingrandom

Tweaking the link prompts bit.ly to create a new, unique shortened URL. This will allow you to track the clicks on the bit.ly link specific to that individual message.

Here's an example:

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