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Why are duplicate tweets being sent to my Twitter account?


Error: "The status you are trying to publish is a duplicate of, or too similar to, one that we recently posted to Twitter "

This issue is not caused by Sprout Social. This is an error from Facebook that is happening because you may have setup your Facebook Page to automatically post to Twitter. This error message is coming to us directly from Facebook.

The cause of this issue is as follows: 
- You cannot post a duplicate tweet to Twitter within a 24 hour period. 
- You are posting to Facebook from Sprout Social and Facebook is trying to post your update to Twitter, but it’s a duplicate and your Facebook updates are failing.

To fix this we recommend disabling auto-posts to Twitter from your Facebook page by going to You can disable Twitter posting automatically to Facebook by visiting If you plan on posting the same content to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, you can set up those posts in Sprout Social.

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