Why can't I see any data for my Facebook profile?

Sprout Social integrates with Facebook via an API, which is essentially how and what data they pass to our platform. Based on how Facebook has built their API, there are a few important things to note regarding how Sprout Social is able to receive this data:

  • It takes 24 hours to pull into our application after first connecting a page.
  • Facebook only gives us page level data with up to a 48 hour delay, so you will not see data more recent than the previous one to two days. This applies specifically to page level data including page likes, unlikes, and new fans. This does NOT include post level data like posts, likes, shares, or comments; those are available in near real-time in the application.
  • Facebook does NOT provide data for Pages with less than 30 fans, or for personal accounts.
  • Gender will NOT appear on reports unless there are 30 or more interactions per day during the selected time period.
  • We have access to retrieve data from Facebook's API back to July 19, 2011.

Note: This applies to Facebook Pages, not personal Facebook profiles. Personal profiles can be managed in Sprout Social, but we don't receive reporting data for those profile types.

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