My Facebook post says it failed due to a bug in the API

Error: Failed due to a bug in Facebook's API

We apologize for the inconvenience. It looks like we did try to post that message on your page but when we delivered it to Facebook, Facebook experienced an issue with trying to post the content. It doesn't really have to do with your page or the content. Sometimes, Facebook is just unable to deliver messages or updates due to temporary bugs. When this happens, we want to let you know by providing this email update but it might be best to post your message directly on your page when this occurs. It should be a rare occurrence, but it's not predictable since Facebook processes so much information each day. We have noticed lately that Facebook posts set up to contain both an uploaded image and a link in the content of the text are failing because Facebook is struggling with these types of posts. Please consider using an uploaded image without a text in the caption to see if that helps ease the problem. Please contact if you experience this problem repeatedly.

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