Facebook App Privacy Settings

Facebook’s privacy settings allow users to deny or limit access to third-party platforms. When a Facebook user has turned off access to third-party platforms, you will not be able to contact them outside of Facebook.com. If a user selected content not be shared with third-party platforms, for example, photos or videos, they will not appear in Sprout. You will have to reply to them within Facebook.com. In these cases, Sprout will provide you with a link to the content in Facebook.com so you can conveniently reply.


Q: How does this work? Can you show me?

A: The options to deny or limit third-party access are in the app settings. To view them, do the following:

1. Go to your personal page on Facebook.com. (These settings are specific to personal pages.)

2. Select Settings > See More Settings > Apps


3. In App Settings, look for Apps You Use.  Click Edit.  There you will find the Turn Off Platform button, which controls whether Facebook sends information to third-party platforms or apps, such as Sprout Social.  Additionally, there is a description of this setting and how it changes the user’s Facebook experience.


4. Users can also limit access based on content type.  In App Settings, look for the Apps others use section.  Click Edit.  A list of content will appear with checkboxes.  Users can deselect content they do not want to share with third-party providers.  If a user has deselected content, you may have to reply to them within Facebook.com.


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