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Error: A Facebook admin on this page has changed the password to this Page. 

When a Page's password is changed, Facebook requires Sprout Social to reverify your status as a Facebook admin of the page. Please take the following steps to reconnect your Facebook page(s).

  1. If you are both and admin on the Facebook Company page(s) in question and a Sprout Social admin or Account Owner, click on the link that was pasted in the email you received regarding the message failure. If you navigate back to Sprout and do not see an Issue in your Notifications Drawer, your page is most likely reconnected and future messages will be delivered correctly.
  2. Copy the message in the email and reschedule it in Sprout Social to ensure it is delivered to your page as intended. 
  3. Please ensure all Facebook admins to your Page are aware that your page will be disconnected from Sprout if anyone changes the password. 

Scheduled messages will not go out until this reconnection is established. If you try reconnecting your page with the link in the email and still find that your posts will not go through, please contact support@sproutsocial.com so you can be informed of any administrative changes that may need to take place to reconnect the page.

Note: You can only reconnect a page if you are a Content Creator or Manager on the Facebook page in question.

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