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Sprout Social currently integrates with Google+ business pages. It generally takes approximately 24 hours after you connect your Google+ profile before we can begin pulling data into Sprout.


  • Google+ does not currently have an API for reporting on pages so we are not able to provide a Google+ dedicated report at this time.
  • You can view your Google+ posts in the Sent Messages report under the Reports tab (counts number of +1s, responses, reshares)


  • We do not currently support brand keyword or smart search options for Google+, but this is something we'd like to provide eventually.
  • You cannot +1 comments on your posts from Sprout.
  • Due to API limitations, we do not provide notifications for other people’s +mentions of your company page.

Publishing to Google+

  • You can disable comments on your Google+ posts directly from Compose by deselecting "Allow Comments" in the audience targeting drop down menu.
  • We do not have the ability to tag other Google+ users or pages at this time. Any +tagging will need to be done in Google.

Connecting Google+:

  • In order to connect a Google+ page, you must be Manager of that specific page.
  • Sprout does not currently integrate with Google+ personal accounts.


1. If you reach this page after clicking on Proceed, you are not signed into the Google account that has Manager access to the Google+ page you wish to add. This page indicates that the email address you've used to log in to Google does not have any Google+ accounts affiliated with it. Please click the "back" button on your browser.


2. If you reach this page, you're on track! Please select "Allow access" to be redirected back to Sprout and select the Google+ page you wish to add.



3. If you need to switch to a different Google account to add a different page, please click on the avatar in the upper right hand corner to see the drop down menu and then switch to a different Google account or click "add account" if you do not see any other Google accounts there. 



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