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Sprout’s Helpdesk Integration solves support resolution issues with a bidirectional communication model that enables teams to not only create, but also track and manage support issues all the way to resolution without leaving the Sprout dashboard.

Sprout currently integrates with the UserVoice to seamlessly create, track and resolve tickets from the Sprout Social application, keep both systems in sync and let your customer support team focus on what they do best. 

Note: You must be the owner of your Sprout Social account to attach UserVoice to Sprout. You must also be the account owner or an administrator of your UserVoice account. Light agents or regular users cannot connect UserVoice to Sprout.

Whoever initially connects the account to Sprout will be the person whose name appears as the ticket creator/requester in UserVoice.

Read more about setting up Uservoice in Sprout.


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