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If a support-related issue is tweeted or posted to your Facebook wall, your social media team may need to send it to your customer support team for help. It’s critical to get your customers’ online inquiries in the right hands to ensure quick response times. Our helpdesk integration helps companies provide better social customer care and drive value across departments.

Sprout’s Helpdesk Integration solves support resolution issues with a bidirectional communication model that enables teams to not only create, but also track and manage support issues all the way to resolution without leaving the Sprout dashboard. Sprout currently integrates with Zendesk, HubSpot Service Hub and UserVoice Helpdesk.

Note: Helpdesk Integration is available on Professional and Advanced plans. Only Account Owners can configure a helpdesk in Sprout. You must also be the Account Owner or Administrator in your helpdesk solution to connect the account to Sprout.

Click the Connect button for Zendesk, UserVoice or HubSpot and enter your account credentials.


Using the Helpdesk Integration with Tasks

When you select Support Issue as the Task Type, you’ll have the option to automatically create a support ticket by checking Create Helpdesk Ticket. All customer support ticket communications will be added as a comment in the task and in the helpdesk ticket, so it’s easy to coordinate between your customer support and social media teams to ensure everyone’s in the loop.

1. Once you’ve identified a message in your inbox that needs to be followed up on, click the task pin icon on the lower right of the message to create a task.

2. Assign the task to one of your team members in Sprout, and leave Details in the task for your helpdesk team member to reference.

3. Select a Task Type as Support Issue and choose to Create Helpdesk Ticket.

Read more about Creating and Managing Tasks.

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