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Sprout integrates with and provides click data for tweets in the Sent Messages report. Click data for the Twitter Profiles report is provided by Twitter directly. 

While we provide the overall click count that gives us for any links, to see more in depth reporting about the referral source of the click, please visit your account. You can create a free one by visiting or you can create a paid customized account (i.e.

Read FAQ's.

Facebook click data is not used to calculate Facebook clicks because Facebook Insights sends Sprout click data based on the number of people who clicked anywhere in your post without generating a story (includes playing a video, viewing a photo, or opening a web link).

Connecting with

You can use your own links by connecting your account(s) in Sprout Social. Settings -> Business Settings. 

If you use a enterprise account, you can connect that to Sprout Social and we will use your customized link shortener whenever you shorten links in Sprout. You may choose to do this for any and all of your groups in Sprout Social. Just click on the different group names to continue linking your account. Be sure to click Done when you are finished to save the changes.

Since accounts are attached at the group level, when someone is added to a group that has a account attached, they will use the existing shortener. As long as the account is connected to all of the groups in the parent account, then users that are added will also access the same analytics. 

Note: Only account owners and managers can add accounts.

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