How do I use the Case Performance Report?

The Case Performance Report lets teams to measure users’ productivity and efficiency based on Case assignment and completion across the Sprout Social account.  

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Note: This report is available on Professional and Advanced plans only. 

Assigned vs. Completed

This section analyzes group and individual productivity performance by comparing Total Cases Assigned to Total Cases completed over a specific time frame.    

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Case Performance, by Team Member

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Assigned: Number of cases assigned to a team member within the selected date range. Reassigned cases increase the case count.

Completed: Number of cases assigned to a team member within the selected date range that are now listed as complete. Reassigning a Case to another user counts as completing the Case for this report.

First Touch: The amount of time between when a case is assigned and when a reply is sent to the assigned message. The reply must occur after the Case is assigned to be tracked in this report.

Active Case Time: The cumulative time that a case is open. This metric gives insight into how long a case remains open when it is assigned.

Case Resolution: The elapsed time between when a case is first assigned to a user to the final time it is marked as complete. This metric tracks total resolution time from first open to final close.

Completion Ratio: The ratio of assigned cases within the reporting time range that are now marked completed.

Example: A message arrives in the Smart Inbox at 1 p.m. Jen assigns the message to Amanda at 1:05 p.m. Amanda responds to the message at 1:10 p.m. and closes the case. Later on, she realizes that she needs to follow up with the customer. She reopens the case at 1:45 p.m. to track the amount of time she spent working on that particular issue. After finishing her follow up, she closes the case again, at 2:00 p.m. For this case, Amanda's metrics would be listed as follows:

First Touch: 5 minutes, the amount of time it took to reply to the message after it was assigned to her. This metric is tracked separately from case status, so if a case is closed before a reply is sent, First Touch time will update once a reply is eventually sent.

Active Case Time: 20 minutes, the cumulative amount of time the Case was open.

Case Resolution: 55 minutes, the amount of time it took from when the case was first assigned, until final close.

Note: First Touch, Active Case Time, and Case Resolution metrics are averages for all cases for the selected time period. 


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