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Measure how social media impacts your web traffic with the Google Analytics report.

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General Stats

View the correlation between your site traffic and the number of times your site is included in a tweet or third party article and blog.

Website Traffic: The number of visits to your site during that time period as reported by Google.

Twitter Mentions: The number of tweets that contain a link (full or shortened) to your website. These tweets are displayed in the All Post filter, starting with the tweets from people with the highest number of followers. This is not including Twitter @mentions of your brand, but rather tweets with links to your site.

Articles and blogs: Any articles or blogs we have found online that contain a link to your site.

Note: Google Analytics data in Sprout Social will be available for the previous 30 days with a 24 hour delay. The Google Analytics report is available with all plans.

Social Traffic Sources

The top referral sites where people are clicking on a link to your website.

Others: Other relevant, social networks that link to your site such as LinkedIn, Foursquare, Gowalla, Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Orkut etc.

Q&A sites: Sites such as Quora,, Stack overflow and others like them.


All messages that reference your site, sorted by sender's follower count.

All Posts: All tweets that have a link to your site (shortened or unshortened).

My Posts: Anything you send out from Twitter that includes your URL.

Web: News articles and blogs that mention your URL directly.

Note: If you can see web traffic numbers and the Social Traffic Sources box on the lower right contains information, it means that your Google Analytics profile is connected properly. The space beneath the graph shows any tweets that contain a link to your website.

If you see the following message: "Sorry, it doesn't appear we've got any data for you just yet. Check back soon", that means that we have not yet found any tweets with a link to your website. If you start sending out tweets with that link, we should find those and show you them under the My Posts section. If anyone else sends a tweet with your URL, you will see those tweets in the All Posts section. And any articles and blogs that contain a link to your site will be listed under the Web section.

Updating Profile Names

If you rename your Google Analytics profiles through Google, you will have to disconnect your Google Analytics accounts then reconnect them for the changes to reflect in Sprout.

You can do this by clicking on the Settings_Gear.png on the top right of the screen and selecting Settings. Next, click on Users & Social Profiles under Account in the left navigation bar.


You can then click on the Inbox_Settings.png next to the profile name and select View Profile.


Next, select the Trashbin_icon.png to remove the account from Sprout. Once you have disconnected your Google Analytics accounts, reconnect them to Sprout. This will pull in the updated names from Google.


Learn more about how to rename your Google Analytics profiles from Google's Help Center.

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