How do I change the Account Owner?

The process for changing the Account Owner depends on who you want to take over your account.

This article will walk you through changing the Account Owner in various scenarios. You can also jump to a video showing this process further down in the article.

Note: Following these processes will keep all current work intact–tasks, queued and scheduled messages will send as normal.

Scenario 1: The new Account Owner does not already have a Sprout Social login

If the new Account Owner does not already have a Sprout Social login attached to their email, this process is pretty straightforward: 

  1. Click Screen_Shot_2018-07-19_at_10.46.52_AM.png.
  2. Go to Personal Settings.
  3. Under Enter Email Address, change the current email address to the new Account Owner's email address.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

The new Account Owner can now log into Sprout using their own email address. Unless changed beforehand, the password will remain the same as the password of the previous Account Owner. We highly recommend the new Account Owner go to the Security settings page and change their password.

Scenario 2: The new Account Owner already has a Sprout Social login

These steps will only work if the Current Owner and the New Owner can both log into Sprout. For example, your business signs up for a trial and needs to update the owner information when they purchase or subscribe to Sprout. This will not work for situations where the Current Owner has left the company; your internal IT team should obtain the Current Owner's login credentials first in that case before proceeding.

Jennifer is a community manager at Cafe Sprout and signs up for a trial with Sprout. At the end of the trial, Jennifer's boss, Terra, asks her to go ahead and purchase. But, Jennifer needs to make Terra the Account Owner as she needs to enter payment and manage billing. 

Current Owner Email:

New Owner Email: 

Limitations to consider:

  • We are not able to change historical data that used to be associated with the old setup (e.g. task assignment, scheduled message attribution, engagement metrics, etc). That data will adjust over time as the new users start to take actions within Sprout.
  • Tasks and the other features attributed to certain team members will continue to display those old names for any past items. Going forward, the new user names will be attributed to new tasks, scheduled messages, reporting, engagement, etc.

1. Terra, the new owner, needs to change her email address to something other than her current login name.

2. Jennifer, the current Account Owner, needs to change her user email address to Terra's so she can make her the new Account Owner.

  • Jennifer changes her user email in Settings > Personal Settings to the new Account Owner email, Terra is now the Account Owner.
  • Jennifer removes any of her personal profiles from Personal Mode.
  • Jennifer logs out of the application.

3. Terra now has to update the email address on her old user account to Jennifer's email so Jennifer is added back as a user. 

4. Now, both Jennifer (user) and Terra (Account Owner) can request a password change to access Sprout.

5. Terra, as the new Account Owner, can modify Jennifer's app permissions in Settings > Users & Social Profiles, including the ability to manage billing and invite new users into the application. 

Watch the video below to learn more about changing the Account Owner in Sprout Social.

Still Having trouble?

If you are not able to complete this account owner change or need help from our support team, please send the following information to

  • Email address of the current account owner
  • Email address of the future account owner
  • Does the current account owner wish to stay on the account as a user?

Note: If you are part of an agency account, please be aware that we may ask for secondary confirmation from the current account owner or the person in charge of the billing information before making the change to the owner's email address.

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