How do I use Message Ideas by AI Assist?

Create a variety of message options with Message Ideas by AI Assist, powered by Sprout Social's integration with OpenAI. Quickly craft Message Ideas in Advocacy so your employees can share on-brand messages with their networks.

Note: Message Ideas by AI Assist is only available when creating an article Story in Advocacy.

You need to enable the OpenAI integration to use this feature. To enable the integration:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Story Creation.
  2. Select Enable OpenAI Integration.


To use Message Ideas by AI Assist:

  1. Navigate to add-story.png+ Add Story.
  2. Paste the link of the article you want to add to Advocacy.
  3. Add any additional details like campaign, notes, etc.
  4. You can write an example Message Idea or leave the box blank. Select Message Ideas by AI Assist to generate suggested messages.
  5. Three suggested messages appear. You can select all, some or none of the messages.
    You can edit the selected messages and continue to add additional suggested messages.

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