How do I use message ideas in Employee Advocacy?

Use message ideas in Advocacy to ensure that your brand standards stay consistent. You can add message ideas to Stories you create in Advocacy. To learn more about creating and sharing Stories in Advocacy, read this guide.

To create message ideas:

  1. Click Add Story at the top of Employee Advocacy. The Add New Story popup appears.
  2. Paste in the link you want to use for your Story. The Content window opens.
  3. Enter any additional details like campaign, notes, etc.
  4. Enter in a few message ideas that include approved vocabulary and branding to make sharing Stories even easier.

You can also require readers to use a message idea. Select Require readers to use an approved message idea if you want to limit the messages readers can use when sharing a story. If you select this setting, you’ll need to create at least one message idea for each network available in Shareable On.

Network-specific considerations


  • You can mention Company Pages, Showcase Pages and School Pages in message ideas. LinkedIn @mentions in message ideas are available when you send a Story from Compose in Sprout or from Advocacy.
  • If you mention a Company Page, Showcase Page or School Page in a message idea, you can only select LinkedIn as a network. 
  • If a Story contains at least one LinkedIn mention, you can’t remove LinkedIn as an available network for that Story.
  • If a Story curator doesn't have a LinkedIn profile connected, they'll be able to see any existing mentions in message ideas but won't be able to search for and create new ones.
  • Readers will only be able to use the preconfigured personal mentions unless Allow Personal LinkedIn Mentions When Sharing is enabled.


  • Message ideas aren’t available if the Story is a Post.
  • If you’re only sharing a Story on X, you can't require that readers use an approved message idea.
  • Your readers can't share Stories to X if the Require readers to use an approved message idea option is selected.


  • Your readers won’t be able to share Stories to their personal Facebook Pages if the Require readers to use an approved message idea option is selected.

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