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What is an Instagram Business Profile and why should I convert my profile to one?

In June of 2016, Instagram introduced Business Profiles to to help companies better understand their followers and grow their businesses. Converting to a Business Profile on Instagram allows you to include additional profile information like a phone number, email address and a physical address, making it easier for your customers to connect to your business.

Adding an Instagram Business Profile to Sprout has several benefits as well. Not only does it enable Instagram Publishing through the Sprout web app, but it also unlocks new metrics from Sprout’s reporting suite including impressions, reach and video views with more to follow. Visit here for information from about which features will change on Instagram when you convert.

How do I convert my profile to an Instagram Business Profile?

Converting to an Instagram Business Profile is free and easy. Detailed instructions for converting your profile can be found here

I’ve already converted my Instagram profile to an Instagram Business Profile and it is already connected to Sprout. Do I need to take more action in Sprout?

Yes! Despite the profile being already connected, you’ll need to ensure that the Instagram Business Profile is connected as an Instagram Business add-on. This will allow you to start receiving additional reporting data and functionality such as Instagram publishing.

Read about connecting your Instagram Business Profile add-on to Sprout

Which features will be available with Instagram Publishing?

For now publishing is limited to single-image posts. Optional captions to the single image post can include @mentions and hashtags. Multi-image posts, videos, and Stories cannot be directly published but can still be scheduled with the mobile workflow. Adding a location is not available in this release.

Will my previously scheduled posts now publish automatically?

No. Any previously scheduled messages will still require posting through the mobile workflow, but any new, single-image posts will not require a dedicated mobile publisher.

Can I publish Instagram posts from Sprout's mobile app?

Yes. Single-image posts can be published to Instagram Business Profiles from the mobile app.

Will Instagram ever allow publishing from non-Business profiles?

We're not sure, but there are no immediate plans.

Will I be required to add the Business Profile in multiple groups?

Yes. Instagram Business Profiles must be added to each group that requires access.

I followed all of the steps perfectly, but my Instagram posts still aren’t posting.

Please check the Facebook settings of the page connected to your Instagram Business Profile. If the audience isn’t set to Public, the post will fail the same way a Facebook post will. You will need to remove Sprout from Facebook Settings and then reconnect the Instagram Business Profile add-on with the audience set to Public.

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