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Instagram API Updates


In order to introduce additional features and powerful new reporting metrics, Sprout Social has integrated a new Instagram API into the platform. This update enables Sprout to provide ongoing enhancements to its Instagram feature set, but does require your current Instagram profile to be converted to an Instagram Business Profile and subsequently connected to your Sprout Social account.

Read more about converting your Instagram profile to an Instagram Business Profile

After converting your profile, you will need to connect the Instagram Business Profile to Sprout by clicking Connect Instagram Business Profile from the Connect a Profile window.

Note: You must be an administrator on the Facebook Business Page with which the Instagram Business Profile is associated to complete this connection.

Data unique to Instagram Business Profiles will only be gathered after the Instagram profile is converted to a Business Profile, and will not backfill in Sprout. However, if a profile is converted and connected to Sprout at a later date, the information included will backfill as far back as the date the profile was originally converted to a Business Profile.

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