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Note: In the first quarter of 2018, Sprout Social deprecated Lift, preventing new signups of the feature. Sprout will continue to support existing Lift subscribers who signed up prior to the deprecation date.

Lift by Sprout Social is a subscription service developed in partnership with Twitter that makes it simple to promote your organic Tweets and reach, engage and grow your target audience. Once enabled in your Sprout Social account, a selection of your organic Tweets will be automatically promoted in Twitter to a specified audience, increasing your impressions to people beyond those who specifically follow you.

This short article will help you get started with automating your organic Tweet promotion.

Getting Started

Lift can be enabled for each Twitter profile connected to your Sprout account. The Account Owner or anyone with the Manage profiles & permissions privilege can enroll Twitter profiles in the Lift by Sprout Social section by clickinggear.pngin the upper-right corner of the platform.


This will bring you to the configuration screen, where you can choose to enroll any Twitter profile connected to your account that is not currently enrolled in Lift.

Find the Twitter profile you'd like to configure for Lift, and click Enroll.


The following screen allows you to choose which Lift tier you'd like to purchase for this profile, as well as choose Interests or Locations to target.

Keep in mind that pricing for Lift is calculated separately from your Sprout plan level, and is not affected by the number of users you have in Sprout.


Note: Audience targeting can only be set up for Interests OR Locations. You cannot mix and match Interests AND Locations.

After selecting up to five targets for your preferred segment, confirm you have read and accept the terms and conditions, and enroll the profile by clicking Buy Now. Your credit card on file will be charged immediately for the monthly cost of the tier you selected.

If at any time you would like to cancel your Lift subscription, you can get in touch with us at


Have additional questions about Lift by Sprout Social? Click here.

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