Creating Topics

Topics are queries built in Sprout Social that constantly gather data relevant to saved search terms. Once a Topic is created, it gathers data and continues to do so until it is archived or deleted.

Creating a Topic

To create a topic:

  1. Click Listening in the Left Bar.
  2. Click New Topic from either the left bar under Archive Topics or click the New Topic tile on the Listening home screen. The Query Builder appears.

Note: The Active Topic limit is the maximum number of Active Topics you can have across your entire account, not per Group. If you would like to purchase more Active Topics, contact your Account Manager.

  1. New_Topic.png
  2. Enter a Topic Title and Topic Description. These help you quickly identify your topics in the Topics list and from the Listening home screen.Topic_Appearance.png
  3. Select the networks you want to listen to.   Listening_Sources.png
  4. Select a query type from the dropdown menu. Queries can include multiple keywords or operators. Use the And to narrow your search or Or to widen your search as necessary. You can also use And/Or for new groups. Groups link multiple sets of logic together for additional control.

    Once you type a keyword, up to 5 additional keyword suggestions appear. Click a suggestion to add it to your query.

Note: If you include a keyword that might pull in a lot of irrelevant messages, Sprout provides you with a warning to help narrow your query. You can either preview your query to see if you're getting relevant results, or create an inclusion group to avoid pulling in too much noise. 

Click Delete Group to delete a group of keywords.


     6. Apply optional filters to specify the Message Language and posts that contain media.

      7. Set Advanced Twitter Filters for message country, user country, tracked website and near location.Optional_Filters.png

Preview your Query. See the following section for more details.

Previewing Your Queries

After constructing a Topic, verify that it's returning relevant results. You can preview your Topic at any time by clicking the Preview button at the top of the page. 

The preview panel updates with a sampling of messages that meet the search parameters.


The preview panel also shows you the approximate number of matching messages that show up per day, so you can determine if the dataset is too small or large to provide relevant insights.

Additionally, Sprout also acts as a spam filter to help remove any adult content that might appear in your Topic Insights. Sprout scans Twitter including users, URLs, hashtags and the content of Tweets to remove any messages that contain adult content. Because Sprout is scanning text, there are occasions where an image might still come through. If you notice this happening, contact Sprout Support.

If you notice multiple messages showing up with specific keywords, you can double-click on any word in a message to include ( + ) or exclude ( - ) that word in your query.

Once you’re happy with your query, click Start Listening in the upper-right corner.


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