Creating Listeners

Listeners are queries you build in Sprout Social that constantly gather data relevant to the search terms you enter. Once a Listener is created, it will begin gathering data and continue to do so until it is archived or deleted.
This article will help you learn how to create Listeners in Sprout.

Creating a Listener

From the Listening section, click New Listener at the bottom of the left navigation bar.


You will then be brought into the Query Builder.
At the top of the Query Builder, you can choose to give your Listener a name. This will help you quickly identify it in the Listeners lists or from the Listening Home screen.
Begin constructing your Listener by selecting a query type from the dropdown menu:

Queries can include multiple keywords or operators. Use the And/Or buttons to widen or narrow your search as necessary.


You can also use And/Or for new groups. Groups allow you to link multiple sets of logic together for additional control. For example, in the screenshot above, we’re looking for English-language Tweets that mention “coffee” to the @mysproutcoffee Twitter profile.

We could also choose to include Spanish-language Tweets that mention “café” to the @mysproutcoffee Twitter profile by clicking Or under the Add New Group section.


Additionally, at any time we can specify if these queries should only include Images, Videos, or Tweets from Verified Users by selecting the corresponding checkboxes in the upper-right corner.


Any changes made to this query will automatically update the Raw Search section of the Query Builder. You can see these changes in their raw form by clicking Raw Search at the top of the page.


It is also possible to construct your queries completely from the Raw Search section, though doing so will make it impossible to return to the Query Builder unless you revert back by clicking Undo My Edits.

Previewing Your Queries

After constructing a query, you may want to verify it is returning relevant results. You can preview your listener at any time by click the Preview button at the top of the page.

The preview panel will update with a sampling of Tweets that meet the search parameters.


The preview panel also shows you the approximate number of matching Tweets that show up per day, so you can determine if the dataset will be too small or large to provide relevant insights.

If you notice multiple Tweets showing up with specific keywords, you can double-click on any word in a Tweet to include ( + ) or exclude ( - ) that word in your query.


Once you’re happy with your query, complete your Listener by clicking Start Listening in the upper-right corner. You can have up to five active Listeners at any given time.

Note: The active Listener limit is the maximum number of active Listeners you’re allowed to have across your entire account, not per group. If you would like to purchase more active Listeners, please contact your Account Manager.

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