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After you create a Topic in Sprout Social Listening, it begins gathering data so you can observe trends, uncover patterns and gauge emotional response with regards to particular keywords, hashtags, brands or industries.
Select the Topic you'd like to view data for by either clicking on its tile from the Listening home screen or selecting it from the list in the left navigation bar.
You can view Topic Insights for any Active or Archived Topic. Archived Topic data is only available for the time period that Topic was active. 

Navigating Topic Insights

Just like most of Sprout’s reports, Topic Insights are separated into sections.

At any time, you can navigate to Smart_Inbox_Overflow_Menu.png > About these Insights to open a glossary that goes through each section and their corresponding metrics to better understand how they’re calculated.

In the same menu, you can Edit, Archive or Delete your Topic if you have the Manage profiles & permissions privilege.

In addition to this menu, you also see the selected timeframe. You can change the date range by selecting one of the preset options or by entering custom dates in the corresponding boxes for your desired range.

Note: Three days of data is pulled automatically when a Topic first becomes active. Recently created Topics take roughly 3-5 minutes before showing data. 

The Topic Insights screen of the Sprout Listeners product contains three tabs: Performance, Conversation and Demographics.


Topic Summary

This section gives you insight into message volume statistics, including Potential Impressions, Total Engagements and Engagements Per Message.

The chart in this section displays volume metrics over time. The table includes numeric Totals along with period over period Trend percentages.  


#SproutTip: Click on the chart to view all messages from a particular day.


This section displays engagement metrics over time. The chart shows all Engagements broken down by type. Engagements are broken down to Comments, Shares, Likes or any combination of the three.

The table in this view includes a bar chart that breaks down the data by type including Comments, Shares and Likes. Numeric Totals and period over period Trend percentages are also included.


Sentiment Summary

This section helps you identify the percentage of Positive, Negative or Unrated messages associated with your Topic. Click on any of these elements to view associated messages.



Related Keywords & Hashtags

This section displays keywords and hashtags that are frequently mentioned with your Topic. Click any keyword or hashtag to view the associated messages.

You can also sort keywords and hashtags by clicking All, Positive or Negative.



Device Demographics

This section helps you identify what devices people are using to publish messages relevant to your Topic, first by Mobile vs. Web, then by Android vs. iOS.



This interactive map provides a high-level overview of where associated messages are published. Reference the heat map to identify high-traffic regions and use the slider to zoom in and out. Clicking on a country shows the messages published there.

Under the map, the top countries and cities for your query display.  


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