Why am I being asked to communicate using my Sprout Social registered email address?

At Sprout Social, we take our customers’ account and data security extremely seriously. To protect the integrity of your account and ensure that your data is not being shared inappropriately, we require that any communications regarding your account be handled via a Sprout Social registered email address or via secure authorized communication channels (live chat).

Hacking attempts have become ever more savvy, so Sprout Social also reserves the right to remove any non-registered emails CC’d on communications requiring disclosure of customer data, and/or decline to communicate with any non-registered email addresses.

That said, we understand that businesses come in all shapes and setups, and not all personnel needing to communicate with us will have registered emails in our database. For further assistance, you can always start by reaching out to support@sproutsocial.com, whereby we will direct you in the best way to get the help you need.

Finally, we also highly recommend utilizing Sprout Social’s security features, including two-step verification. 

Read more about Sprout Social's two-step verification settings

If you have any further questions about security and how we work to keep your data secure, you can read more in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. Any more extensive inquiries or questions regarding contractual obligations should be directed to your dedicated account manager.

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